We’ve got you taken care of. Be consistent. Trust the program. Drill your weaknesses.

Master the fundamentals. As monotonous as it may be at times, being able to squat, press, and pull with solid position, a stable core, and proper sequencing, will only lead to faster progression down the road. On top of that, having a solid foundation of strength will only enhance everything you do.

Squatting and deadlifting will obviously assist in your Olympic Lifting, but they will also strengthen your core to that you are able to maintain a strong tight midline in your gymnastics. Building your strict press, more so than your push press or jerk, will drive your handstand push ups through the roof. Everything we do has a transfer of training to something else. Mastery of the basics makes that transfer much more potent.


Eat the rainbow. We will never preach a DIET. Why? Because they DO NOT WORK. Diets do not stimulate a long term, sustainable results. High carb/Low Carb, Ketosis, Flexible Dieting, PALEO, Atkins, Carb Backloading, pick your poison. None of them work without the element of consistency.

Meal prep, for us though Scratch Culinary,  is a simple process (not to be confused with easy). If it was easy, we’d all be dialed in all the time. If you struggle with self-accountability, or don’t know where to start with your macros, this is a great option to get the ball rolling.

Meal prep, either on your own, or through services like Scratch, make life so much easier. Without diving into macro-counting or weighing food, the simplicity of it all is this: make your protein clean, limit the grease (not fat), and try to make your plate as colorful as possible with vegetables in addition to a handful of starches from time to time.

Eating more/less… calories in and calories out is only beneficial at the onset of consistent training. However, WHAT and HOW you eat becomes more and more important the longer you’re in the game.


Utilize the modalities available. Mobility is key in building your foundation, as well as expediting recovery.

Marie is amazing with her body work, and will make sure that you’re in tune with things that be done to improve your performance.

Dr. Hannah is as legit as they come. She has a great diagnostic and holistic practice to improving stabilization and range of motion through chiropractics.

Dr. Mike’s facility up at Valley Spinal Care is second to none with an abundance of treatment options above and beyond chiropractics, to include electric stem, massage therapy, B12 injections, and Normatek compression therapy.

Our Cryotherapy chamber in the recovery center gives all the benefits of an ice bath without getting wet or the feeling of eminent death from submersion in cold water. The biggest benefits are an inherent anti-inflammatory response as well increased blood flow.

SLEEP, above and beyond the freezing, massage, and bone cracking, is going to be paramount in your ability to make gains. This is the point in your 24hours where your body isn’t focused on anything but recovery. In your waking hours, outside of training, negative stress, work, or frankly mental faculties dedicated elsewhere, all hinder or impede the recovery process. The better sleep you can get, even if its the occasional nap, the better you will ultimately recover. Napping, plus a good night’s rest, those hours will add up in your favor. So take your sleep seriously. Unplug from the day as early as possible, so that you have an opportunity to decompress, and hit the pillow without being preoccupied.

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