Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure to meet and discuss the speed bumps and road blocks with our members and athletes. These are the Top 3 reasons they struggle with the commitment to a fitter lifestyle.

  • Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: Change is slow! One piece at a time. While going “all in” can be a good thing, going full board into EVERYTHING that is almost the opposite of the life you’ve lead up to this point can be quite treacherous. If it’s all or nothing for you, then I recommend you commit 100% to one small manageable change at a time. For example, simply getting to the gym everyday, come hell or high water, no excuses, then recommit to another small goal as the old one becomes habit and lifestyle. Over time, you’ll have systematically conquered what was seemingly impossible in the beginning.
  • Recovery Requires Priority: What you do outside the gym will have a major impact on all aspects of your fitness to include aesthetics on top of performance. Your recovery needs to have priority in your life. This is not limited to simply getting the recommended hours of sleep each night. I am referring to incorporating mobility and soft tissue work into your routine, getting the proper nutrition, and dialing back the intensity from time to time to avoid overtraining. While you’re winding down from the day either post-workout or after you’ve returned home, break out a foam roller while you watch TV or simply lie down and work through some deep breathing in “Happy Baby”. Not everyday should be a cheat day. Start making better choices when it comes to what you fill your face with. Some days you’re with it, some days you’re not. However, it is more than OK, to dial it all the way back from time to time, go through the motions and just move as means to reset the system and come back fresh the next day.
  • Your Goals Are Not Your Own: This is the number one reason people fail to commit. As I went deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole in these consults a theme began to appear. People haven’t taken the time to look inside and establish true intent and purpose. The “false prophets” with shredded abs and nice butts all over social media have set a standard for how you should look, train, and eat. In actuality, that life, that look, that training, couldn’t be farther from your goals. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying you backslide into mediocrity, but if your intention is to never step on stage in a banana hammock, or compete in CrossFit as sport then it is more than ok to dial back your expectations. Ultimately what I found, is that people want to be comfortable in their own skin. They want to walk into a room, confident, head held high, enjoy life in the moment. Once you’ve asked yourself the tough question, “what is your purpose and intent? What is your ‘Why’?”, you’ll be able to dial in your goals, make the necessary priorities to get you there, and start eating the elephant in the room, ONE BITE AT A TIME.

It is only when you are working towards YOUR goals, that you’ll pull out all the stops and stop buying your own excuses, and commit to the process.

  • Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS
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