Here we are! Its that special time of year. For the vast majority of CrossFit society, this is our season. This is the celebration of all our hard work. The Open is our opportunity to surprise ourselves with personal records, the inevitable first muscle up, and undisputed improvement in the “repeat” WOD that will rear its ugly head.

For us at CrossFit PHX, the Open gives us a reason to train. Above and beyond moving huge loads, losing a few pounds here and there, replacing steady cardio by lifting weights really fast, and simply looking better naked, it is the proving ground for all of our efforts.

As we move into our 4th CrossFit Open here at PHX, some of the most exciting things we expect to see are the following:

  1. That 1st Muscle Up – One of the key performance indicators for those on the fence about whether or not the struggle is worth it. When every work is a gut check, its easy to ask ourselves the question, “Am I getting any better?” Then we get into the Open. We’ve got the music blasting. The energy is infectious. People are pushing themselves harder than they ever would in a class on a Tuesday. They are all of a sudden side by side with their “rabbit” (the guy or girl they’ve been chasing after on the whiteboard day in and day out) and it’s neck and neck. With all that adrenaline, emotion, and excitement, therein lies the recipe for magic! We’ve seen people accomplish the seemingly impossible by squeezing out more reps than they ever could have expected, lifting more weight than they thought possible, and/or miraculously pulling through the rings or over the bar for the very first time, after a million reluctant failed attempts. The Open has a history of bringing out the best each person’s performance.
  2. Deeper Relationships – There are few places outside the military or a locker room where the challenge is celebrated more than in a CrossFit box during the spring each and every year. Our members, as tight as our community is, comes together, young and old, early risers and night owls, vegans and meat eaters, to cheer each other on as they move through this 5-week right of passage. The celebration of progress, consoling each other after the emotional roller coaster that can be a particular workout. 2-Adays in August brings a football team together. Boot camp and basic training bring our armed forces together on a united front. The CrossFit Open bring our community together by camaraderie through shared adversity.
  3. Conviction in this Modality – The CrossFit Open is proof. Proof that you’ve improved. Proof that you’re better this year than last. Proof that the juice is indeed worth the squeeze. Proof that there is always something to improve on. The CrossFit Open is proof that this shit works.

The CrossFit Open is the confrontation of all your inner demons, forcing you to do that which you hate or avoid. You are put face to face with every modality in the fitness arsenal in a gambit of events that is the first phase in finding out who is the fittest on the planet. The Open is an eye-opener for everyone at every level. Through the CrossFit Open, we not only learn about our fellow members and athletes, we also get a unique opportunity to learn a little more about ourselves as well.

  • Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS
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