The Athletes of PHX: Who They Are and How They’re Coached

The Recreational Eater: “I’m only here so I don’t feel guilty about all the stuff I’m gonna put in my body after this workout.” These are the folks that probably keep it the most real. They train so they can live life uninterrupted. Honest with themselves and their speed of life, keeping the old ticker ticking, and lifting heavy shit with cool people to they can enjoy a nice Miller High Life (or 4) with their brisket with those same cool people post-wod, guilt free.

The Fan: “Nanos or Metcons? Decisions, decisions.” Absolutely LOVES EVERYTHING ABOUT CROSSFIT. Especially the gear. These members keep up w/ the latest and greatest in MetCon fashion and are always in the freshest LiveSore or Lululemon swag. These are members that proudly display the affiliate they belong to, and will tell anyone willing to listen how much better their box is than the rest.

Adonis and Aphrodite: “Straight up, I just want to look good naked.” Every class is a meat market. Dressed to impress because you never know who will be dropping in on any given day. These are the folks that flaunt it because they got it. Not shy when it comes to hanging out with a group of the Fit and Sexy. When people ask them at the Pool Party how they got that rockin’ bod, they proudly exclaim on behalf of the whole group, “This is my crew, and we all CrossFit”. Very definitive criteria, because for these members to move to the next level with a complete stranger, they must know for sure, that they know A) what Fran is, B) a workout can indeed be a date, and C) they won’t tuck tail and run when they get crushed in a WOD.

The Competitor: “Did you see that shit? Those reps didn’t count.” Awww yes, the member coach! Everything is a competition. They only come to the classes that the best in the gym take. They’ve been known to take mental notes of “No Reps” of the people training around them while they are mid-WOD. God forbid someone enters a better score than theirs, but they weren’t opening their hips completely at the top of their squat or they didn’t take off two feet as they suffered through overbar burpees. It will ruin their day. For these athetes, the devil is in the details, even it means sacrificing performance because of the attention paid to someone else’s crappy technique.

The awesome part about this whole thing is that we all exhibit traits of all these personalities. Some just shine through more than others. That’s what makes this Family so great! It takes all of us!


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