As we program workouts, there is an expectation of performance that goes with them. It is the expectation of performance that dictates how a workout should be scaled. Your scale determines the intensity that is sustainable throughout a given training session.

To that end, intensity determines scale, and we are moving towards a period in training where your bodies need to become accustomed to a given level of intensity. As a gym, we have progressed an awful lot. Now is the time to dial it in that much more.

So with that, rather than, simply giving the scale of movement as load, volume, and mobility would normally dictate, we will also be deliberately prescribing a performance metric to make scaling more accurate for the individual in any given class.

For example, training format will look like this going forward:

20min AMRAP

12 Power Cleans (135/95)

10 Wall Balls

8 Burpees

(8 Rounds minimum, Power Cleans >6 touch an go each round)

The goal here is get you in tune with how your body performs at a given intensity. Also, it will give a realistic opportunity to truly push yourself, without taking the long pauses in transition or hitting a rep and staring at the bar for 2mins in the middle of your AMRAP. The ability to accurately scale a given workout, is a method that will pay huge dividends in your progression long term.

We as coaches want to see you succeed, and not simply go through the motions trying to go prescribed and hitting the wall day in and day out. There really isn’t a huge benefit for your confidence or your performance as a result.

You will be tired. It will burn. It will work! Sustainable intensity, is much more effective than a quick burst followed by a long pause.

When you joined CrossFit PHX, we made a promise to you that we would get you where you wanted to go. It is our mission to facilitate your goals, and this is just one more way we’ll be able to do that for you going forward.

We commend you on the progress you’ve made to this point, and your commitment to the process. Now get yourself ready to take it up a notch!!


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