Nekter Advanced Cleanse (3 Days)

Nekter Advanced Cleanse (3 Days)


1 Day = ~15 lbs of fruits and vegetables

Juice 1: Apple/Parsley/Kale/Spinach/Mint/Lime/Cucumber/Celery

Juice 2: Lemon/Ginger/Agave Nectar/Filtered Water

Juice 3: Celery/Parsley/Cilantro/Spinach/Apple/Cucumber/Lemon/Kale

Juice 4: Filtered Water/Lemon/Agave Nectar/Cayenne Pepper/Turmerec

Juice 5: Apple/Celery/Beet/Ginger/Parsley/Spinach/Lemon

Juice 6: Filtered Water/Raw Cashews/Agave Nectar/Vanilla Bean

Last week I dropped $120 at Nekter Juice Bar on the 3 Day Advanced cleanse. Not one to spend a ton of time reading the instructions, which were vague at best, I simply inquired to the kid at the register how to do this thing. His response had me laughing at myself, as I had not popped my “cleanse cherry” yet.

“See those 6 bottles? Start the day with the one marked #1, and continue periodically throughout the day in sequential order until they are all gone. Repeat, for 3 days.”

When asked what the difference between the Original and Advanced Clease was, he played straight to my Type-A personality. “The advanced will test you a little more.”


In all seriousness though, I had absolutely no weight to lose, and I could say I was alright with my body composition as I stood at 218 pounds and roughly 12% body fat. However, after a recent conversation with my chiropractor, we both concluded that I was not recovering as well as I should be and my body was not responding in kind to my training. “Maybe you should think about just pushing the reset button and try a cleanse. If nothing else, your guts will thank you.” He then eluded to some anti-inflammatory properties associated with cleansing that ultimately peaked my interest and pushed me to pull the proverbial trigger.

I recommend you cleanse during the week, assuming that you have a busy life, and have things going on to keep you distracted from the hunger pangs that inevitably occur. So I started on Tuesday. I went into Day 1 at 218 pounds, woke up Day 2 at 207 pounds, and ended Day 3 at 201 pounds.

Through this process I have come to a few conclusions and I’ll proceed to get into them one by one.

First and foremost, I am thoroughly convinced after my experience, that those who have suffered through a cleanse and told me all the horror stories of anything from irritable bowel, to helatious mood swings, to just being absolutely miserable from beginning to end, were suffering from systematic withdrawal. If your nutrition in horrible, and you decide to cleanse to simply detox, then these are the effects you will experience. Coming off of sugar, salt, white grains, and processed foods cold turkey in this manner is much akin to trying to quit smoking. Your body has become so accustomed to ingesting and ENJOYING these things, it doesn’t know how to react in their absence.

Secondly, you will be hungry! This is a mental test. The extreme lack of calories will have your body famished for much of the day. So I spaced my drinks in deliberate intervals. I drank one every 2 hours from 6am to between 6-8pm depending how I felf before bed.

Third, Day 1’s dramatic drop in weight had almost everything to do with water weight. Surviving on 6 drinks comprised of nearly all vegetable juice, and no water, over the course of 72 hours, you can expect to lose a few pounds. It was not until the middle of the night on Day 2, going into Day 3, that my guts loosened up and I “eliminated” the waste the Advanced Cleanse is supposed to rid your body of. I couldn’t tell you specifically, but the stuff that sticks to the walls of your intestines will have you feeling some kind of way when you finally see it live in living color (dark browns and black in particular).

Lastly, on Day 4, I would say that the process was worth it. My body feels great. My joints, not nearly as congested or inflamed. My insides are working more efficiently and I feel a definite spike in my recovery process. I’ve been battling some nagging aches and pains lately, and in the days post-cleanse, I am finding myself moving better and those symptoms subsiding, even though they have not disappeared completely just yet. My whole body feels great, and felt great during the cleanse.

To you all seeking a reset, and looking to get the most out of your system, then I recommend taking on a challenge like a cleanse once or twice a year. If nothing else, it will enlightened you to things about your body that you may not have been aware of in the past.

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