At CrossFit PHX, we have created a family in which we train as a team.

We sweat as a team. We progress as a team. Hard work is ingrained in our culture. Adversity is not seen as a roadblock, but a challenge willingly accepted. Our training sessions are all about team spirit and motivation. Our community spirit holds true through all of our classes.

Your First Week is FREE!


Simply put, CrossFit is the “sport of fitness.” Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. CrossFit has turned the mundane yet necessary task of “working out” into a sort of game. CrossFit is a training program that builds functional strength and conditioning with constantly varied workouts that are sure to provide superior results in all aspects of fitness.

We train your body to be capable of taking on any physical challenge life throws at you. Don’t want to make more than one trip into the house with an armload of groceries? We’ve got you covered. Need to sprint across the parking lot at work so you’re on time? No problem! Want to jump over tall buildings in a single bound? We can work on that too.


Included in the Unlimited CrossFit package

$165.00 per Month

1-on-1 Skill Sessions

Our 1-on-1 Skill Sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals, whether you’re new to CrossFit or an experienced athlete looking to break through a stubborn plateau.

Sign up for our 1-on-1 Skill Sessions where one of our world-class coaches will work with you to help define your goals and blow them out of the water. Each 1 hour session is designed just for you with a set of eyes on you at all times to ensure you’re getting value out of every one of those 60 minutes.


$95/hour for Members

Drop In

Drop In

$ 20 Each

16 - Weeks to Shredded


This program is designed to facilitate significant aesthetic changes, improved strength & conditioning, and overall positive change in body composition. It doesn’t matter whether or not you want to lose fat or gain mass. When its all said and done, If you want to show off your six pack, look better naked, or perform at a higher level, you’ll want your metabolism working for you: before, during, and after training. This program will do that! By isolating a single muscle group each day, and giving it a full 6 days off before we train it again, we are maximizing recovery, which will allow you to really get after it in each and every training session. Intensity + Consistency = Results.

16 - Weeks

$ 147
Paid in Full


Ask about our subscription-based meal service, designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

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