Congratulations On Your Gains!

As we slide into this next phase of conditioning and strength maintenance, the coaches of PHX want to congratulate the Family on everything that you’ve accomplished in strength gains over the last 12 weeks. Because you stuck to the program, we had over 85% of our athletes PR their lifts.

This is a true testament to your consistency and belief in the program. As us coaches preach day-in and day-out, we want you all to get stronger, improve capacity (get more work done), and move more efficiently (get faster). Well, that is indeed happening.

Understand that the longer you stick with this game of fitness, it is a necessity to challenge you and put you in uncomfortable positions. We want to “over reach” and stretch your limits, while deliberately avoiding overtraining. So by design, you will feel sore and banged up by the time Friday gets here, yet still be able to get in the gym and have a good session. With the additions of Whole Body Cryotherapy, Marie’s magic hands, and Scratch Culinary now on board, we’re on a mission to enable your best performance, by not only getting you in better shape, but pushing recovery and nutrition as well.

As we move forward, there will be a string of “long and steady” AMRAPs, Heavy-ish MetCons, as well as positional/mechanical work for efficiency combined with concentrated gymnastics development and High Volume / Low Skill workouts.

We’ve explained before, and I’ll drive it home here. The CrossFit Open is our season. As I’ve assessed the demented programming that goes into those 5 weeks of pain, the common theme is this: If you want a shot at regionals, you must be able to AMRAP well. Your conditioning is primary factor in Open success. It is our intention to put you a position in which there is no doubt you are able to perform at your best come the CrossFit Open, and follow-on competitions for that matter.

We program with a competitor mentality, but make sure that we never abandon the fundamentals. We want you to move well, with great efficiency, and improve mobility overtime. As your strength and skill sets have improved there has been a huge shift the mentality of the gym. We can not get over how awesome it is to see how empowered you all have become: to get in here and train your weaknesses on your own, partner up in teams and small groups to keep the intensity high, and also embrace scaling so that you achieve the intended demands of a given workout EVERYTIME!

We as coaches are truly proud of all your progress, and look forward to the gains to come. Trust the process, and continue to push yourselves and each other. After all, isn’t what Family is for?

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