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Training While Preggers

According to our doc, and our own personal experience with our son, as well the 6 women and 8 pregnancies amongst our members at CrossFit PHX, suggest that it is NOT high intensity physical activity that puts your baby at risk during pregnancy. Alternatively, it is the introduction of said activity, or anything above baseline … Continue reading Training While Preggers

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Intensity Defines Us: The Evolution of the Athletic Female

Intensity Defines Us: The Evolution of the Athletic Female I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost half my life as an athlete, trainer, and coach. Even during seven years in the Marine Corps I was always met with opposition by Marines and clients alike with regards to females and training. A couple of years … Continue reading Intensity Defines Us: The Evolution of the Athletic Female

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Supplements for CrossFit

Supplements for CrossFit There is an abundance of supplements out there. And the “research” behind each one is even more extensive. When it comes to supplementation, one must understand that there is no true substitute for whole food nutrition. However, supplements have proven time and time again to aid in performance enhancement and recovery post-training. … Continue reading Supplements for CrossFit

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Guide to Rest Days

Guide to Rest Days Physically, rest allows your body to heal. It facilitates the recovery process and adaptation to occur. What does that mean in lamen’s terms? Simply, your body now has the opportunity to prepare itself to surpass performance markers previously achieved because it has made the necessary changes and grown to handle previous … Continue reading Guide to Rest Days

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What Yoga Taught Me

What Yoga Taught Me Once upon a time I played football in college. Six games into my junior year, I had the misfortune, or fortune as I look back on it now, of blowing out my knee. During rehabilitation all my trainer would preach was, “We need to get you mobile first. Then we can … Continue reading What Yoga Taught Me

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$159.99 per Month

  • 4 free classes per month at Core Power Yoga in Old Town Scottsdale
  • 1 Complimentary Body Composition Testing each month (by appt)
  • Free Tee/Tank at Sign Up
  • Free Window Decal
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