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Coach Derz on Barbell Business

Episode 153 is live with @coachderz …tune in and learn how mentorship can accelerate your growth and help you grow your community.

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The Open Is Here

Here we are! Its that special time of year. For the vast majority of CrossFit society, this is our season. This is the celebration of all our hard work. The Open is our opportunity to surprise ourselves with personal records, the inevitable first muscle up, and undisputed improvement in the “repeat” WOD that will rear … Continue reading The Open Is Here

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Breathology with Be-Jaya

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to experience a Wim Hof Breathing seminar with the Be-Jaya team. Chris and Jared lead my community through a series of breathing exercises that stimulate both the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems. They capped it off by putting us through a 20 … Continue reading Breathology with Be-Jaya

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The Struggle is Real

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure to meet and discuss the speed bumps and road blocks with our members and athletes. These are the Top 3 reasons they struggle with the commitment to a fitter lifestyle. Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: Change is slow! One piece at a time. … Continue reading The Struggle is Real

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Meet Dr Matt

Last night I had my first dry needle appointment at CrossFit PHX. We’ve brought in a legit Physical Therapist who’s worked with/on the likes of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Steelers in the past. He was a collegiate baseball player and is now an avid CrossFitter. This lends well to the work that he does … Continue reading Meet Dr Matt

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The Triangle of Gains!

Fitness: We’ve got you taken care of. Be consistent. Trust the program. Drill your weaknesses. Master the fundamentals. As monotonous as it may be at times, being able to squat, press, and pull with solid position, a stable core, and proper sequencing, will only lead to faster progression down the road. On top of that, … Continue reading The Triangle of Gains!

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Programming’s Priority

As we program workouts, there is an expectation of performance that goes with them. It is the expectation of performance that dictates how a workout should be scaled. Your scale determines the intensity that is sustainable throughout a given training session. To that end, intensity determines scale, and we are moving towards a period in … Continue reading Programming’s Priority

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