Breath + Performance Seminar with Darrel Wang

Breath + Performance Seminar

February 9, 2019

A 6-hour intensive course to dive into the details of our respiratory system and how it can affect performance and lifestyle both in and out of the gym.

We spent time going through the respiratory gear-system, aerobic and anaerobic energy system control (through breath), efficient use of CO2, parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous system control (through breath), recovery & up-regulation breathing protocols, and how use of breath through different durations of workouts.

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$159.99 per Month

  • 4 free classes per month at Core Power Yoga in Old Town Scottsdale
  • 1 Complimentary Body Composition Testing each month (by appt)
  • Free Tee/Tank at Sign Up
  • Free Window Decal

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