CrossFit PHX


Ranked as the #1 CrossFit Box in the US for 2017 according to Men's Journal magazine!

CrossFit PHX

Fitness Is Free. YOU Are the Investment!

At CrossFit PHX our classes are small by design! It is with this intention in mind that allows us to provide you with our undivided attention.




Learn inside tricks on how to get fit fast!

There are a few “untruths” that may slow your progress to better performance, more positivity, and increased productivity. In this ebook, we dispel the top 10 myths to getting lean and shredded.

In this ebook, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions and dispel some of the common myths associated improving your body composition.

Contrary to popular belief it is actually more common to under recover than it is to actually over train. In this ebook, we explain a number of modalities to feel better and move better!

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The PHX Experience

Nervous about trying Crossfit at CrossFit PHX? Mycal Anders explains why you shouldn’t be.

The Problem
We Solved

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Zig Ziglar

What sets us apart at CrossFit PHX is our mission to solve the three biggest problems in fitness today: lackluster coaching and programming, lack of community and support, & most importantly, EXCUSES. Changing your lifestyle for the better can be a daunting task all by itself. What can make the uphill climb even steeper is not knowing where or how to start with no support and lack of resources.

At CrossFit PHX our coaches make it a point to not only provide you with quality coaching and attention to detail, we make it a point to get to know you our members above and beyond fitness (as the stresses of life and work can effect your goals too). We write and follow our own programming so that we are dialed in with how our community is feeling and responding to training from day to day, week to week, cycle to cycle. From our coaches to our members, you will have all the support and positive reinforcement you need to keep showing up and accomplishing your goals. Our mutually supportive community awaits with the common goal of becoming the best version of yourself.

To facilitate, and ease your lifestyle transition, we have vertically integrated our facility to eliminate the roadblocks most people encounter along the way. At CrossFit PHX, we have 1-ON-1 PERSONAL TRAINING AND PROGRAM DESIGN (for those who need a little extra to get started or accelerate progress), NUTRITION COACHING AND MEAL PREP (teaching you how to eat, or simply making the food for you), and MASSAGE THERAPY (making sure that you can recover to the best of your ability). At CrossFit PHX, you will have no excuses in your way. With all we offer, success is guaranteed. When you are ready to start taking care of yourself, we are here to take care of you.

I’ve been to a lot of CrossFit gyms. This might be the best one. Coaches are top notch. Instruction is on point. Community is great. I had purchased a groupon for another CrossFit in the area and ended up moving to this gym because it was so good. If only all CrossFit gyms could be like this! I will be back.

This is the second time we’ve dropped in here for a WOD while in town on vacation. Still to date, best box I’ve visited! Attentive coaching, great workouts, and phenomenal atmosphere make this Box our go-to while staying in the Scottsdale area!

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